Our Story

Phileos is a Greek word which interpreted means “Friendship”.. Phileos was formed from the bonds of Friendship between the members and a desire to play music and celebrate life. To accomplish this goal, they focus on performing at the best of their ability while at the same time truly enjoying the ride and music.

 High Energy passionate Music with Heart and a bit of Southern Attitude. We draw our sound from our Country roots , through Classic Rock and into the modern hard rock styling . We Define our own "Southern Hard Rock" style of music.

high-energy sound driven by heart, passion, and Southern attitude.”

The Herald Rock Hill

When Phileos is performing, it’s always a great time! They are full of passion and southern attitude and we just can’t get enough of their music! ”

— Summerville Kitchen Tour

Super Dope Band”

— P. The Politician (CCG Network Radio)

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